domku green policy

Going Green(er)

Every day restaurants, including self-designated organic ones, generate tons of food and material waste and send out harmful pollutants into the environment. Did you know a restaurant can generate tens of thousands of pounds of garbage each year? They also can also use in excess of 300,000 gallons of water, which re-enter the environment polluted with toxic chemicals from industrial strength cleaners. The tremendous amount of waste we produced on a daily basis is usually created by unnecessary “luxuries”, which come at an environmental and financial cost that gets passed on to the customer.

DOMKU is committed to doing its part to generate less waste, save energy and water, improve indoor air quality and keep the costs for our customers as low as possible, but it means understanding and support on the part of you, our customers.

What we are doing and what it means for service


First and foremost, styrofoam products will be banned from the restaurant.

Plastic straws will only be provided if requested (although we prefer not to use them at all).

Plastic bags for to-go orders will only be provided if requested. We will also stop providing plastic utensils unless requested.

Once the existing inventory of plastic and styrofoam products are used up, we will use only biodegradable, compostable, or reusable packaging for carry out items. 


Water will only be provided when requested. We’ve noticed that about 75% of you who ask for water end up not drinking it, or you just drink a couple of sips of it. This not only wastes water but it increases dishwashing requirements. Besides, did you know that the body’s 8 glasses of water minimum was just a myth?

Fresh glassware will be provided only when requested after an initial drink order. This will reduce the amount of dishwashing required, which not only sucks an enormous amount of energy and water, but also means more chemicals going down the drain. And if you don’t request a glass with your bottle of beer, it won’t be automatically given.


While we already use energy saving lights where we can, we will keep most lights off when there is sufficient natural light.

Air conditioning in summer and heating in winter will be kept to the minimum needed for comfort, and the door will be propped open whenever weather and insect conditions permit.


We know our floors are not smooth, but we ask that you do not use a wad of paper napkins to stabilize wobbly tables. Please ask the staff for assistance to address the problem. We have a stash of wooden chips for this purpose. If there is a spill, ask the staff for cloths rather than taking a stack of paper napkins from the bar.


Whenever possible, we source our foods from local producers. We are also exploring the feasibility of composting food waste rather than sending it all into the dumpster or down the disposal, but this is a longer-term initiative.

We appreciate your support in this joint effort.