When it comes to a quality restaurant, we are definitely on the top because we are one of the few who is offering real traditional Slavic and Scandinavian menu. If you know something about Slavic people, that is most likely about the great food they have. Well, we can confirm that for you because we have been making traditional Slavic food for over 12 years and we have mastered most of the popular meals, so if you would like to taste or experience the unique cuisine of the Slavic people, then you have to visit us.

We can guarantee that you will not find any other restaurant or place in the united states that offer better quality Slavic food. The key to having quality Slavic food is to know how to properly prepare it. There are a lot of people who try to make Slavic dishes, but most of them fail, even if they got all the right ingredients because they don’t know the exact process of preparing the food.

About Menu

GoulashDomku’s menu combines lighter, but still hearty, versions of the comfort foods of Scandinavian and Slavic home cooking. Gravlax and pickled herring swim comfortably on the menu alongside cold-weather favorites like bigos, goulash, pierogis, & a creamy fish stew. Wash it all down with one of our house-infused aquavits or original house cocktails.  Or try one of the many beers imported from all over Eastern Europe and Russia.  Scroll below photos to view full version menus, or click the following links for printable menus.

We have created these menus to help people out to choose the dish they like the most because most of the things you will find will not be familiar to you. One thing you must know and that is there is no such thing as the best Slavic or Scandinavian food, all of the dishes you can find on our menu are top quality. However, if you are looking for a suggestion, then we would strongly recommend trying out some of the most iconic ones such as the goulash. We can almost guarantee that you will not be let down by the quality or the taste of the food here because the Slavic food is made to trigger all of your taste buds in your mouth.


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