Domku In The Press : Words From Washington City Paper


WCPHere we have gathered some articles from the local paper that were talking about the service in our restaurant. If you need some proof that we are really worth visiting, then read through some of these short feedbacks people have given to the local paper. We are extremely happy to see that our customers are very pleased with the overall experience and the service we are providing. Also, seeing people like the Slavic cuisine is also a great feeling because we know that we have made a good decision by presenting this type of dishes to the people of America.

(June 05) “And the cooking, anomalous as it is in this city, rises above merely being a curiosity.”

“…one of fascinating spots in town.”

(April 08) “The food is authentic and interesting, the ambiance funky and eclectic” …” Excellent service, friendly staff, and a gem on Upshur Street.”

(April 08) Best of DC 2008: Best Decor

“Nothing about Domku feels like D.C., and that’s a good thing.”

(October 2010) Young & Hungry

“My mother always used to tell me that good things come to those who wait. At Domku, this ring true. My Swedish meatballs were absolutely scrumptious, but it was the attention to detail in the mashed potatoes that really made the dish…Patience is a virtue, and if you got it, head on over to Domku. There is nowhere else in Washington that offers such an interesting take on Eastern European and Scandinavian cuisines.”

(December 2010) Young & Hungry: Slavs to Fashion

(June 2011) 44 Most Powerful Restaurants

“Locals bring people in from all over the city, turning the restaurant into an informal ambassador to the rest of the District…Of course, …the food’s delicious – from any neighborhood.”